How to avoid missing deliveries

  1. When you order something for delivery to your address, have the item addressed to your work address instead of your home address. Deliveries to businesses very rarely cannot be completed on the first attempt.
  2. Have the item addressed to a friend, relative or neighbour that you know will be home so that the delivery can be completed on the first attempt.
  3. Provide NZC with Authority to Leave your item at a safe location at your delivery address. To do this, follow this link to complete an Authority to leave form. This Authority would relate to ANY item addressed to your home.
  4. Have the item addressed care of one of our Delivery Link Partners (Agents & Collect / Send Points) for you to uplift at your convenience.
  5. Have a Lockbox or Courier Box at your premise for secure, anytime delivery – ideal for when no one is onsite. A secure box that any courier or postie can put items inside, but is locked securely to prevent theft or damage (with your permission, Lockbox can be set up with Authority to Leave permission for courier deliveries).

Click here to complete the Authority to Leave form

By completing any of these simple steps it will simplify the delivery process for you and would allow you to avoid missing deliveries.